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1.8 Million Pounds of Ground Beef Recalled, Linked to E. Coli Contamination


About 1.8 million pounds of hamburger meat is being recalled because of possible E. Coli contamination. This meat — packaged by Wolverine Packaging Co. — has been traced to at least 11 illnesses in four different states, Michigan, Massachusetts, Missouri, and Ohio. Federal health officials believe that this meat has been delivered to restaurants throughout these states and will primarily be used to make hamburgers.

Illness from E. Coli can be severe, even life-threatening, if not treated immediately and with precautions. Federal officials have been working alongside with the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention to go through each of the restaurants and do a thorough inspection and make sure that any meat that could have been contaminated is disposed of.

The best way for consumers to reduce their risk is to avoid undercooked meat. This means that if you order a hamburger medium-well, to make sure and be specific about the temperature of the meat as well.

This list will provide a closer look into E. Coli and what the symptoms are.

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