Common Construction Accidents & How to Avoid Them

Common Construction Accidents & How to Avoid Them

Research suggests that many, if not most, construction accidents involve falls or falling objects. Construction sites are innately dangerous. Heavy equipment, power tools, and uneven walkways: these are just a few of the hazards construction employees face every day.

Sadly, most workplace injuries and accidents on construction sites are preventable.

Slip / Trip & Fall Accidents

Construction sites typically involve a variety of surfaces, such as sheet metal, plywood, drywall, cement, and more. Additionally, objects in walkways or unclear paths through the construction site can lead to trips and falls. Small patches of oil or other slippery substances can create dangerous hazards too.

How to prevent these accidents:

  • Always clean up dangerous spills
  • Keep work areas tidy and free of tripping hazards
  • Do not walk on slippery surfaces if there is a risk of a fall
  • If you find an unattended hazard or spill, report it immediately

Falls from Heights

According to OSHA, scaffolding hazards are one of the most commonly cited construction site safety violations. Research suggests improper guardrails (or a lack of guardrails) is the number-one cause of these accidents.

Heights are one of the most dangerous facets of construction work, but falls can be prevented with the right safety equipment and care.

How to prevent these accidents:

  • Make sure scaffolding is sturdy
  • Always follow safety guidelines when working on scaffolding
  • If necessary, wear a harness or other fall protection

Falling Object Injuries

A 2012 news story recounted a 17-year-old construction employee who died after he was hit by a falling excavator bucket. Even though he was wearing safety gear, the young man sustained fatal injuries and died. Many falling accident injuries occur when tools or materials from an elevated workspace fall onto workers below.

How to prevent these accidents:

  • Only work on an elevated space if scaffolding is up to code
  • Do not place objects or materials where they can slide off of scaffolding
  • If necessary, install a fence or barricade to minimize falling objects

What to Do if You Suffer a Construction Site Injury

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