Missouri Car Accident Statistics

Missouri Car Accident Statistics

An increasing number of vehicles are taking to the road throughout the entire nation. The same can be said for Missouri. While vehicles are important to get us to and from work, take kids to school, and run errands, there are times when the high volume can cause significant congestion, which increases the risk of collisions. When traffic congestion and driver negligence are combined, the consequences can be disastrous.

The Impact of Auto Collisions in Missouri

Just how often do car collisions occur in Missouri? How large is the risk? According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol Statistical Analysis Center[1], in 2014, there were 766 vehicle collision fatalities in Missouri. The following year, this number went up, as there were a total of 870 fatalities resulting from vehicle collisions. To date this year, there have been 507 reported vehicle fatalities, which puts it 14 more than this time last year. While the death numbers are serious, in 2014, there were 47,977 people injured as a result of a vehicle collision in Missouri. The number of people harmed due to auto collisions leaves cause for concern for all those who travel the road.

Common Causes of Vehicle Collisions

The Missouri State Highway Patrol keeps extensive records regarding crash rates, crash severity, and the circumstances that lead to crashes most often[2]. In 2014, records show that 22,474 crashes involved speeding, while another 5,976 involved alcohol. The average age of the driver was relatively split with 42,747 crashes involving an older driver and 32,763 crashes involving younger drivers. The records also show other types of vehicles that have been involved in collisions, with 12,082 commercial vehicle crashes and 2,253 motorcycle collisions.

For speeding and alcohol related crashes, the numbers decreased from a decade ago. Similarly, collisions involving younger drivers have gone down, but those involving older drivers have been consistently high. Commercial vehicle crashes have also decreased, but motorcycle collisions have increased with the growing popularity of these types of vehicles.

Types of Injuries Involved

Auto collisions can often be very serious, especially when the liable driver is intoxicated or driving recklessly, such as speeding or running red lights. This can cause the passengers to sustain serious injuries including contusions, internal organ damage, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, amputations, lacerations, and more. Broken glass, exploding airbags, extreme forces, and other factors can mean that these types of crashes often result in multiple injuries to drivers and passengers.

At Strong-Garner-Bauer P.C., our Springfield car accident attorneys understand how dangerous it can be just to travel on the road. While we never anticipate something serious to happen, things can and, unfortunately, do happen. This is the case with auto collisions. They are sudden and can often have a life-altering impact on all those involved. When an accident is caused by negligence, there are legal options that a victim can take to hold the liable party accountable for their actions. In fact, it's recommended that you contact a lawyer. Statistics show that accident victims recover, on average, 3.5 times more money[3] from insurance settlements when they hire an attorney.

3.5x More Money When You Hire a Lawyer

You can seek compensation for the damages you have sustained when a car crash is caused by a reckless or negligent act such as drinking and driving, driving fatigued, speeding, driving distracted, and more. Let our team help you navigate the complex legal matters, using four decades of experience to help you reach the outcome you desire.

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