Common Causes of Injury on Construction Sites

Common Causes of Injury on Construction Sites

Construction sites can be hazardous, and preventable accidents and injuries can easily occur. If workers aren’t careful, they can be hurt or they can injure others around them. There are several common causes of injuries around construction sites. Learn more about these common sources of injury, and what can be done to avoid accidents.


Falls are a very common injury on construction sites. Many workers may deal with heights, uneven footing, trenches, and other tripping hazards at work. Scaffolding, ladders, and working on roofs or other high locations can increase the risk of falls, but workers don’t even need to leave the ground to be at risk of a fall. Loose cables or extension cords, holes or trenches, slick surfaces, debris, and other hazards can cause workers to slip and fall as well.

Power Tool and Heavy Equipment Accidents

Power tools and heavy equipment are staples of many construction sites, but their common use doesn’t mean that they are safe. Power tools such as saws, nail guns, and drills can easily cause injuries. Heavy equipment such as bulldozers, lifts, jackhammers, or trucks can also be a hazard to workers. Without appropriate ear and eye protection, workers can sustain hearing damage or eye injuries.

Repetitive Strain Injuries and Back Injuries

Due to the physical nature of construction work, many workers sustain back injuries, joint injuries, or repetitive strain injuries (RSI). Back injuries can occur from performing heavy lifting or failing to lift loads with your knees instead of your back. Other joint injuries can occur from overextension, twisting, or straining joints during the course of work. RSIs can be sustained by frequent, repetitive motions, such as shoveling, sanding, and painting.

Crushing Injuries

Construction sites often have trenches, heavy equipment, and other hazards that can cause crushing injuries. Some injuries can include crushed fingers or toes from dropped equipment or other slips, but crushing injuries can be far more severe. Heavy equipment can crush or run over workers if the operator is not careful. Trenches, scaffolding, and construction sites can collapse onto workers. This is especially a risk on sites that are restoring older or damaged buildings or on sites that are demolishing buildings.

Electrical Shocks and Burns

Workers who are working with power tools or are installing electricity can be at risk for electrical shocks or electrical burns, but so can other workers. Many sites often have temporary powerlines or involve digging. Temporary lines may not be installed correctly, or may be knocked down by construction equipment, putting workers are risk of electrocution. Workers may also dig up underground powerlines on accident, and can be injured.

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