Trucking Accident Claims 101: What You Need to Know from the Liable Party

Trucking Accident Claims 101: What You Need to Know from the Liable Party

Proving that you are not responsible for a trucking accident can be challenging, especially if you do not have all possible information about the wreck. Indeed, in many commercial truck crashes, the trucking company has access to four key pieces of evidence or information that the injured motorist does not. Not openly sharing those sources of information is in the interest of the trucking company. Getting them to share is part of Trucking Accident Claims 101.

Three sources of information you will want but probably will not be offered include:

  • Electronic on-board recorder (EOBR): Many commercial trucks of today have electronic on-board recorders, similar to an airplane. Advanced EOBR models can track a truck’s speed at the time of a crash. Most models will note whether or not the truck driver has been taking appropriate breaks to prevent exhaustion. In either situation, the data on the EOBR can be incredibly useful to show the motorist’s liability should be reduced or eliminated entirely.
  • Trucker’s driving history: The parent trucking company could be at fault if its internal employee records show their truck driver has a history of poor driving and crashes. In some cases, it might even be revealed that the trucker has run into problems with the law for intoxicated driving. You should get a copy of the trucker’s driving history so you can look for any indicators of recklessness, both of the driver and the company.
  • Truck maintenance logs: Every commercial truck requires extensive maintenance to be safe for the roads, or else a mechanical defect could cause an abrupt loss of control and an accident. Trucking companies are certain to have truck maintenance logs stored away that can show if maintenance has been performed appropriately and at responsible intervals. If no such records exist, it can reasonably be assumed that no maintenance has been performed lately.
  • Dash cam footage of the wreck and of the truck driver at the time of the wreck.

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