Burn Injury Severities & How Your Future as a Burn Victim Might Look

Burn Injury Severities & How Your Future as a Burn Victim Might Look

A person who suffers a burn injury is sure to experience significant pain as a result. However, the more severe the burn, the more intense the pain and the more likely the burn will cause some sort of permanent debilitation. When seeking compensation from a negligent third party that caused the burn injury, it is important to note both the severity of the burn and the lingering or lifelong consequences of it.

According to medical journals, burn injuries can be categorized into the following severity degrees:

  • First: A slight burn that will redden the skin and cause pain, but it should heal readily with appropriate care, such as hydration and ointment.
  • Second: A burn that causes significant pain and may whiten the skin. It is advised to bring the burn injury victim to the hospital to prevent infection and to receive appropriate medications, perhaps including painkillers.
  • Third: A severe burn that blackens the skin and caused crippling pain. Underlying tissues may be damaged by a third-degree burn, requiring surgery or skin grafts to correct. Medical attention is required, which could include extended hospitalization.
  • Fourth: An extreme burn that destroys several layers of tissue, possibly down to the bone or internal organs. Immediate emergency medical attention is required. If the patient survives initial treatments, permanent disability should be expected.
  • Fifth and sixth: Burns so severe or covering so much of a person’s body, they are not considered to be survivable.

Lifelong Consequences of Serious Burn Injuries

A patient who survives a severe burn injury will likely be affected by the injury for the rest of their life. Permanent disfiguration around the burn site is nearly guaranteed. If the burn affected a bone or muscle, it might not be possible to ever use the burned limb ever again. Organs damaged by a burn may become disabled or inefficient, which can cause a variety of secondary complications as well.

Adjusting to life after suffering a severe burn injury is understandably difficult for many people. They might not be able to return to work for quite some time. When they do, it might also be necessary to be placed into another role due to burn debilitations. Close family members can also be affected, as they might have to readjust their personal lives to help care for the burn injury patient.

When everything is totaled – real damages and emotional harm – the consequences of a burn injury are extensive in most cases. Strong-Garner-Bauer P.C. and our Springfield personal injury lawyers can be retained to help you prosecute a claim or lawsuit that pursues any and all damages, if your burn was caused by the negligence of a third party. We will fight tirelessly to get you fair and complete compensation for your injury, either through settlement or verdict.

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