How Our Firm May Protect Your Rights After a Motor Vehicle Accident

How Our Firm May Protect Your Rights After a Motor Vehicle Accident

Many people don’t understand that after a car crash, they have various rights. There are many options to help the victims navigate the complex legal system and seek the justice they deserve.

One of the most important things that an injury victim can do following a motor vehicle accident is hire a lawyer who can help them along the way. At Strong-Garner-Bauer P.C., we work hard to protect our clients’ rights following a crash. Here are some ways that our firm can work to guide our clients through the claims process so they can move forward.

Collecting the Information Necessary

Any victim in a motor vehicle accident needs to be sure they have the necessary evidence and information to move forward with their legal claim. This often includes police reports, photos, videos, medical reports, witness testimony and more.

Unfortunately for some, it may be more difficult to obtain this information on their own. This is why having a lawyer can help. An attorney can work to get all of the necessary documents without running into obstacles or issues.

Determine Whether Settlement or Trial Works for You

In these types of cases, there are often two positive outcomes for the victim: either settlement or trial. Typically, when someone accepts a settlement from the insurance company, they’re opting to do so in lieu of taking further legal action. Settlement offers may not be the amount the victim needs, but they may opt to go in that direction if it means resolving the case quickly.

In trial, decisions regarding liability and compensation fall in the hands of the court. This is important in proving that another negligent party was responsible for your injuries. A trial can help the victim recover maximum compensation if handled correctly.

One of the biggest benefits of hiring our firm to represent you after a motor vehicle accident is peace of mind. You need to know that there is someone on your side working to seek the compensation you deserve. It’s an important part of the case and ability to seek justice.

Our Springfield auto accident attorneys understand that this is a difficult time for you. We put our best foot forward and go the extra mile to build as strong a case as possible on your behalf.

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