Determining Cause and Type of Burn Injury

Determining Cause and Type of Burn Injury

Imagine trying to go about your everyday life and then all of a sudden, you feel the scalding burn of hot liquid on your skin. Unfortunately, burn injuries can happen that fast and leave you dealing with the long-lasting effects.

For any burn injury victim, it’s important to recognize when negligence is involved. This is especially true when determining legal action available. As such, you should know what types of burn injuries exist and how someone else’s actions can cause an accident to occur.

Thermal Burns

Possibly the most common types of burns people sustain, thermal burns are typically the result of contact with flames or fire, hot liquid or steam, or hot objects such as irons. They can be caused by an act of arson, in restaurants where foods or liquids are heated too hot, and other situations when individuals are not paying proper attention or safety gear is not provided—such as job sites.

Chemical Burns

These are common in many different workplaces where flammable gases and certain substances are present. This can include battery acid, ammonia, or chlorine. In some situations, chemical burns may be caused by the mishandling of these harsh irritants, or when proper safety gear is not provided by the employer.

Electrical Burns

In the construction industry, the need for electrical wiring and outlets is very important. When done properly, all is well and good. However, improper wiring can lead to someone sustaining an electrical burn, which can include internal damage from the electric current. Many instances of electrical burns are caused by someone else’s oversight or actions.

Friction Burns

There are some situations where the skin rubs with another surface or is scraped in which the person sustains a friction burn. For instance, if a motorcyclist is not wearing proper clothing or gear and they crash, if part of their body slides across the ground, it can cause serious friction burns requiring immediate attention.

When your burn injury is caused by someone else’s actions, you should know that you have certain rights allowing you to pursue legal action against the responsible party. Our Springfield burn injury attorneys are here to help you seek the compensation and justice you deserve.

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