The Long-Term Mental Impact of a Burn Injury

The Long-Term Mental Impact of a Burn Injury

When someone suffers a burn injury—regardless of degree—there are a number of impacts that are considered. Oftentimes, the long-term mental impact is overlooked because of the initial pain that ensues following the injury.

However, some of the mental damages experienced as a result of a burn injury are far more difficult to overcome. Knowing what these are can help, especially when taking legal action, and may be beneficial in recovering from the damages suffered.

Physical Scarring and Its Impact on Self-Esteem

It’s unfortunate when you consider the physical damage a burn injury victim is already experiencing, but there are significant emotional hardships that often come with these types of injuries. Especially when you consider the physical scarring that may be suffered.

When a person suffers scarring, they may feel self-conscious about their appearance, especially when the burns occur in a very visible location such as their face. For some, even burns on the torso can prevent them from taking off their shirts in public.

Not only that, physical pain may still be experienced when burns are significant but there is no damage to the nerves. It can create self-esteem issues or problems when the injured individual is in certain situations.

Moving Forward After a Significant Burn

The aftermath of a serious burn injury can be difficult on you and your entire family. You need to know what steps to take to move forward in an effective and healthy manner. This includes medical treatments to help with any physical damages sustained, as well as potential therapy for the emotional impact you may endure.

At Strong-Garner-Bauer P.C., we empathize with your situation and know how difficult it may be to move on emotionally after a serious burn injury. It can be a very consuming and you deserve peace of mind regarding your physical and mental health.

Unfortunately, many of these impactful burn injuries are caused by negligence. When they do, it’s important for you to recognize your legal rights that could help you move forward. Our Springfield burn injury attorneys are here whenever you may need us.