Understanding the Different Degrees of Burn Injuries

Understanding the Different Degrees of Burn Injuries

When someone suffers a burn injury, it’s imperative for them to seek medical assistance as soon as possible. This not only allows them to receive immediate treatment, but they can identify the severity of the injury and whether long-term care is necessary.

With burn injuries, the severity is categorized by degrees. Typically, there are first, second, third, and even fourth-degree burns. Each of these categories includes symptoms that may be easily recognizable, as well as immediate pain. Here are the symptoms of each classification of burn injury.

  • First-degree burn injuries: These are typically considered superficial burns because they only impact the outer layer of the skin. They are usually easier to treat because they present red and dry skin and some pain, but no blistering. An example of a first-degree burn may be a mild sunburn.
  • Second-degree burn injuries: These types of injuries are considered partial thickness. They go beyond the first layer of skin (the epidermis) and into the lower layer of skin (the dermis). The area where the individual suffers the burn may appear red and blistered.
  • Third-degree burn injuries: Referred to as full thickness burns, these types of injuries typically result in the epidermis and dermis being fully destroyed. These burns may even reach the underlying layer of skin and tissue. In terms of appearance, a third-degree burn may result in a white or black charred burn site.
  • Fourth-degree burn injuries: The most serious types of burn injuries, these are those that go well beyond the layers of skin and deep into the tissue, as well as potentially damaging muscle and bone. There is no pain associated with these types of burns because the nerve endings are often completely destroyed.

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