The Short-Term Impact of a Serious Burn Injury

The Short-Term Impact of a Serious Burn Injury

Burn injuries are not as often discussed in the legal world because there are a number of situations in which burns occur and many of them do not involve negligence. However, in situations where people are reckless, the idea of a burn injury being caused by someone else’s actions can be difficult to experience.

Serious burn injuries often come with them serious physical impacts, especially immediately following the injury. This is when most of the pain exists and creates a number of hardships. Here are some of the short-term effects that may be experienced:

Physical Pain from First- and Second-Degree Burns

First and second-degree burns are usually the ones where the pain is most significant because third-degree burns often mean nerve damage and the sensation of feeling is damaged. First and second-degree burns cause physical pain for a few weeks.

Immediate impact requires the injured individual to seek medical treatment, especially when the burns require initial wound care. Without immediate care of the affected area, there may be the potential for infection to form.

How Third-Degree Burns Impact an Injured Person

Third-degree burns are often the most serious and while there may not be the same pain as second-degree burns, they often require much more treatment to properly recover. For instance, surgeries and skin grafts may be necessary to help prevent some of the long-term damages often experienced due to burns.

In some situations, should the burn be severe enough to cause damage to internal organs, surgery may be required to help relieve some of the problems experienced. The initial impact of this type of burn injury is often overlooked because of the long-term effects that an individual may suffer.

In many situations, these burns are a result of serious acts of negligence. Unfortunately, this can be a moment of shock for the person who sustains the burn and there are serious effects that may be associated with the damages suffered.

Those who sustain significant harm as a result of someone else’s actions deserve to protect their rights and seek compensation for the many medical bills and lost income that may be experienced. Our Springfield burn injury attorneys at Strong-Garner-Bauer P.C. are here to help.