What to Do When Burns are Caused By Negligence

What to Do When Burns are Caused By Negligence

At some point in our lives, we may have suffered a burn injury simply because of how easily they can occur. For instance, spending too much time in the sun without sunblock can lead to a small burn that takes a few weeks to heal, or we touch water that is too hot for our skin to tolerate.

These are burns we sustain by our own doing. However, what happens when it’s someone else’s reckless actions that cause you to suffer a severe burn injury—one that will require significant treatment to properly heal?

The Legal Options Available to You

If you can show that your burn injury was caused by negligence, you may have the right to file legal actions against the responsible party. Unfortunately, liability isn’t always easy to prove on your own and you need to understand various situations in which this can occur. Negligence can include:

  • Being burned by coffee or soup that is too hot and it spills on you
  • Being burned by an electrical outlet because someone failed to properly install wiring
  • Being burned by a chemical in a workplace where you were not provided enough protective gear
  • Being burned by flames in a fire caused by arson

When you can show that negligence was the reason for the burn injury, you can determine who may be considered at-fault for your damages. For instance, if the burn was the cause of a scalding liquid being dropped on you, it can be the person who dropped the liquid, as well as the establishment for making it too hot in the first place.

While some occupations are more susceptible to burn injuries, these serious damages can happen in any scenario. As such, you need to have legal representation to help you understand what comes next and if someone can be held accountable.

Our Springfield burn injury lawyers can explain what damages you may be entitled to and what legal action you may be able to take.