What Treatment Options Are Available After a Burn Injury?

What Treatment Options Are Available After a Burn Injury?

When determining the treatment options available for a burn injury, there are specific things that must be considered, particularly the severity of the injury sustained. The treatment options can range from home remedies to surgery.

Here are some of the treatment options burn injury victims may need:

For Minor Burns

Minor burns can easily be treated at home, typically healing within a couple of weeks. This can include the use of a first aid kit, dressing the burn and using certain creams and lotions that can help to relieve the pain from the burn.

Minor burns can arise from prolonged exposure to the sun (sunburn) or by quick contact with a hot item or hot liquid.

Medical Treatment

First aid should be your initial step for treating your burn, but you may require more medical treatments moving forward, including the following:

  • Treatments using water such as ultrasound mist therapy
  • IV treatment to prevent dehydration
  • Medication to relieve pain
  • Topical creams to help prevent infection at the burn site
  • Dressing the wound to help it heal
  • Antibiotics to avoid infections

These medical treatments may also be accompanied by therapy to help stretch the skin.

Surgery Procedures and Other Options

Skin grafts are some of the most popular surgical options for a victim of a severe burn injury. This requires the use of your own healthy skin to replace the scar tissue where a deep burn occurs. This is more common where the burn occurs in a more controlled state and does not cover a large percentage of your body.

For those who have suffered inhalation burns, oxygen may be provided to help assist with breathing.

Unfortunately, some of the treatment options available can cost the victim an extensive amount and it requires legal action to recover compensation necessary to help cover the expenses. This is why it is so important to speak with a Springfield burn injury lawyer at Strong-Garner-Bauer. We truly care about your well-being.