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Can Someone be Financially Responsible for Multiple Parties’ Injuries?

For any individual who suffers a serious injury, the pursuit of compensation is one of the most important aspects of a personal injury lawsuit because it helps to cover many of the expenses associated with the negligent-related actions.

However, in a situation where one person’s negligence results in multiple individuals suffering injuries, compensation can be a bit more difficult. While one person can be financially responsible for multiple individuals’ injuries when they cause them, there are challenges that come into play.

The Limits of the Negligent Party’s Insurance Company

When someone acts in a manner that results in serious harm to others, it’s important to know that the injured parties go through the liable party’s insurance company to seek compensation. This means the coverage can limit how much the individuals can pursue.

For instance, if the individual who causes the incident has insurance that covers up to $100,000 per accident, but there were multiple injuries totaling more than that, the insurance will only cover the limits. The person responsible for the accident would be financially responsible for the remaining amount owed to the injured.

The problem that can arise with multiple people seeking compensation from one party is the limits available and how much can actually be recovered by all parties. There is only so much available to all parties, and if there are no assets belonging to the negligent party, there can be problems with getting the complete amount that is determined through a verdict or settlement.

At Strong Law, , we recognize some of the difficulties that are associated with multiple individuals having to file against one responsible party. However, we’re also adept at helping those in need pursue the maximum compensation to what they are entitled.

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