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Burn Injuries

Common Jobs Where Burn Injuries Can Occur

As a worker in some of the most demanding industries in the world, you recognize that there are potential dangers that you may encounter on a day-to-day basis. Unfortunately, there are some situations in which significant injuries may occur should safety not be a priority or if there is negligence involved.

One of the most significant types of injuries that can be sustained is a burn. These vary in severity, but when they are caused by someone else’s reckless actions, it can be difficult to understand what comes next or what you should do to move forward.

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Knowing what occupations are most at risk for burn injuries and what can cause them is very important. Below, you will discover which occupations may be considered dangerous—and if you work in these industries, make sure your job prioritizes safety over speed and profit.

These are some of the most dangerous occupations for potential burn injuries:

  • Foodservice workers
  • Plant workers
  • Welders
  • Offshore drilling rig worker

Workers have the right to safety protocols. When negligence exists, those workers who sustain injuries have rights.

Learn more about these dangerous occupations below:

Foodservice Workers

Foodservice in any situation is a fast-paced industry. This includes restaurants, on ships, and anywhere else where there are multiple people cooking at a high rate. Unfortunately, the desire for speed and perfection often leads to potential harm in the kitchen.

Because flames are blazing and there are a number of items that are extremely hot, there are plenty of items that can cause someone to suffer a burn injury if they are not careful. Typically, there are some steps that should be taken to prevent the possibility of a burn injury in the foodservice industry.

For instance, limiting the number of people that work around a certain area or having the kitchen laid out in a manner that prevents too much traffic in any area where flames, hot liquids, or hot pans are present. These safety precautions should be in place, but it’s not always the case.

Plant Workers

In industrial plants, there are various dangers that exist including certain chemicals, electrical outlets, and heavy machinery. Unfortunately, with all these elements and the potential for plant explosions, there are countless risks these workers take every day.

With plenty of chemicals and flammable materials around, there’s plenty of chances for a worker to suffer a chemical or thermal burn. Certain chemicals—should they contact the skin—can cause significant burns. Even some gases and smoke can cause internal damage.

When flammable items or chemicals do catch fire, explosions become highly likely and the flames can cause severe damages to the workers in the plant. Far too often, this means higher degrees of burns, including third-degree burns which can damage multiple layers of skin, tissue, muscle, and bone.


Welders are often working in difficult conditions with a high degree of heat. They have to use specific tools that present a torch as the heat source. However, any small movement that leads to a mistake can make the tool a thing of danger.

Welders often suffer burn injuries around their hands. This can be very impactful a burn injury may impact their ability to continue the job in the future. As such, welders must have the necessary safety gear to prevent significant harm and exposure to various dangers.

Offshore Drilling Rig Workers

Offshore drilling has a bit of a history when it comes to serious dangers. These rigs often require working in tight quarters with significant hazards, including the potential for explosions, fires, and other potential causes of burn injuries.

The past incidents that have occurred help to allow for some precautions to be taken, but there are some situations in which negligence may exist. When it does, it can lead to serious burn injuries and those affected may be left to deal with the long-term damages.

The Responsibility of the Employer

For any and all workers in any industry, it’s very important for the employer to work to prevent injuries to the employees. This means taking any and all steps necessary to ensure workers are trained, the dangers of the job are controlled, and there are safety measures in place.

Some of the important safety measures should include:

  • Providing employees with proper safety equipment to prevent burns
  • Burn stations to help relieve the burns as quickly as possible
  • Protocols in place to remove chemical waste or hot liquids
  • Consistent training to ensure all employees (new and old) are working safely

The moment an employer fails to provide the necessary safety for those individuals who work for them and something goes wrong, the employer is considered negligent and may be held accountable for any damages that resulted under their watch.

Employers are looked at by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration regularly to ensure they are safe and protecting employers. Not everyone adheres to the regulations set forth in the various industries.

At Strong Law, P.C., we recognize how serious burn injuries are and we know how difficult it can be to endure such significant damage at a place where you expect to be safe. As such, workers have certain rights that are always supposed to protect them.

When these rights are not taken seriously and the employer cuts corners with a focus on profits and time instead of safety, our Springfield burn injury attorneys feel they should be held fully accountable. You deserve help and it’s important to know what steps come next.

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