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How Do Cases Involving Multiple Injured Parties Work?

We’ve discussed how cases work when they involve multiple parties as the defendants in a personal injury matter; however, how do cases differ when there are multiple parties injured in a singular incident? How do multiple parties file a claim if one party is considered negligent?

In personal injury, there are many instances in which multiple parties suffer harm because of one person’s negligent actions. As such, it’s imperative that those involved understand how they can file a lawsuit and what their rights are moving forward.

Individual Lawsuits

Depending on the number of people injured in the incident, there will most likely be multiple lawsuits brought by those who suffered injuries. Each individual becomes a plaintiff and files claims with their own insurance company and legal teams to start the process.

The defendant must respond to each claim individually and work to resolve each lawsuit. The courts will look at each case individually to determine if the four factors of liability truly exist in all instances or if there were any injuries not a result of negligence.

Class Actions

In large situations of negligence—such as dangerous drugs—there may be a situation where multiple parties who are injured come together to file a class action lawsuit against an individual party for their harm.

At the end of the case, there will be one set amount of compensation split between the parties who have suffered injuries.

Our Springfield personal injury attorneys are committed to helping all individuals who suffer injuries as a result of negligence, even if the injuries occurred in a singular event. We can represent multiple parties to pursue the compensation and justice they deserve.

At Strong Law, , we prioritize our clients and their needs every step of the way. Even if we’re representing multiple parties, we treat each client with the care and respect they deserve. Trust us to be your guide from start to finish.

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