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Brain Injuries

How Major Brain Injuries Can Affect the Whole Family

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is quite obviously a serious detriment to the health and happiness of the person who suffers the injury. In even mild brain injury cases, the consequences of the harm can last a lifetime and take immediate effect. Sometimes, the best a TBI patient can hope for is needing to relearn life skills and coping with the damage that has been done. In many cases, though, a TBI patient can be heavily debilitated, which makes the consequences of the injury reach out to their family.

Yes, a traumatic brain injury does not just impact the injured person, for it often also affects the lives of those around them. Family members often have to try and figure out if they are able to to adjust their own lives and schedules extensively to help care for the person with a TBI, or whether they can get help from professional services with expertise in helping people with brain injuries. Sometimes family members abandon their careers or relocate to live with the TBI patient to try and help ensure they are getting the appropriate care every day. During initial treatments, family members may be called upon multiple times to take the TBI patient to the hospital or clinic for checkups, appointments, additional surgeries, and more. All in all, a single TBI injury can be a significant time sink for close loved ones and can dramatically change the role of family members – such as from spouse to caretaker. These changes can take their toll on everyone in the family unit and is one of many reasons why it is so important that the brain injury victim can get the help from head injury professionals, if possible – so that the family unit can be preserved as much as possible. Sometimes family’s only hope of being able to access these kinds of services is by being able to fund these services after an oftentimes complicated lawsuit has been prosecuted against the negligent parties that caused the brain injury. Of course, not all brain injuries are the result of someone else’s neglect – but oftentimes they are – and when that happens – the rights of the brain injury victim must be protected.

TBIs are expensive to treat. Thousands and thousands of dollars in medical costs might be incurred before the TBI patient is even through with initial treatments. Health insurance coverage, assuming the injury is covered, is likely to be completely expended sooner or later. The remaining costs are often the responsibility of the brain injury victim and their family. The ultimate financial burden can feel overwhelming to the entire family unit. That is partly why it is so important an experienced and capable attorney/law-firm is needed to make sure the brain injury victim’s rights are being protected. Springfield Brain Injury Attorneys for Your Case

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