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Missouri Couple Loses Custody of Children After Medical Misdiagnosis

A Missouri couple is fighting to regain custody of their five children after a doctor incorrectly attributed their infant daughter’s injuries to child abuse. Their doctor came to this conclusion after examining their 2-month-old, who suffered three broken ribs and a broken arm. After her parents consulted with a leading endocrinologist in Boston, it was determined that the child actually suffered from a “catastrophic combination” of infantile rickets, caused by a serious vitamin D deficiency and a connective tissue disorder.

The mother, who recalled hearing a popping noise in her daughter’s ribs, immediately took her to the pediatrician, but was told that it was normal and not cause for worry. Later, however, when the baby showed signs of distress, a return visit to a different pediatrician produced x-rays showing the full extent of the damage.

Doctors immediately blamed the woman and her husband for the injuries, not even considering any other possibilities. After extensive proactive research, the mother underwent blood tests to determine her vitamin D levels, and sure enough, they were nearly undetectable. Her infant daughter’s Vitamin D levels were even lower. Further research indicated that three of the father’s family members also suffered from the disease.

According to the family’s lawyers, not only does their case involve a serious misdiagnosis, but discrimination may have also played a major role in the Department of Social Services’ decision to remove the children from their parents. Both parents believe that because of their unorthodox child-rearing style, which includes delayed vaccinations and home birthing, as well as their appearances and low-income status, social services was prejudiced against them from the start.

“I am covered in tattoos and have a nose pierced (sic),” the mother said. “They probably look at me as though the kids are stupid and I am no better.”

Both parents have supervised visits with their children, and await an end to this nightmare. They are confident that their family will be reunited.

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