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Missouri’s Most Dangerous Roads

According to data provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) from 2004 to 2008, Missouri has four of the nation’s deadliest highways. Interstate 64 ranked at 17 and is the state’s deadliest road with 16 fatal accidents, a total of 17 fatalities, and 1.07 fatal accidents per mile.

Interstate 70, 44, and 55 all made it on the list.

I-70 ranked at 42 with a total of 226 fatalities and 0.80 fatal accidents per mile. I-44 ranked at 56 with a total of 233 fatalities and 0.65 fatal accidents per mile. Lastly, I-55 had 124 fatalities and 0.51 fatal accidents per mile.

The data from the NHTSA was analyzed by The Daily Beast, which closely examined the number of fatalities across the country during the particularly heavy-traffic months of June, July, and August of 2004 through the summer of 2008.

Along with Missouri, some of the deadliest highways were also located in Texas and California, Given the heavy population of both of these states, their rankings should not be a surprise. Both states have about 6 of their own highways included within the same list of dangerous roads.

This data should serve as a reminder that safety on the road is always imperative. Always wear a seatbelt, never drive under the influence, avoid speeding, and do not drive while distracted. Driving safely, no matter what road you are on, can save your life, the lives of your passengers, or the lives of those you share the road with.

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