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The Importance of Journaling After a TBI

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a severe injury typically from a car accident, fall, assault, or any other type of head trauma. Many people who suffer from TBI experience changes in their mood, behavior, thinking ability, and physical skills. For many people, it can be challenging to adjust to these changes; however, journaling can make things easier.

This blog will highlight the many benefits of journaling after a TBI, including tips on getting started—we hope this information is helpful for your or your loved one’s recovery journey.

Benefits of Journaling

Journaling can provide another way for individuals to express their thoughts and feelings about their injury and the changes they are experiencing, as it may be hard for them to do so verbally. An outlet like journaling is especially beneficial since most TBI victims suffer from mood disorders, depression, PTSD, and anxiety.

Journaling can also help TBI victims track their progress over time. Not only is this a great measure of progress the individual has made, but it can also serve as evidence for their personal injury claim by showing the drastic changes they have gone through since the injury.

How to Begin

When recovering from a TBI, it’s best to stay away from bright screens until cleared by a healthcare professional—start with a pen and paper. Also be sure to write down the date to keep a proper record of when each journal entry was created. Start off writing about:

  • Daily activities and feelings
  • Memories of the accident
  • The rise in challenges since the accident
  • Hopes and fears for the future
  • Any symptoms
  • Updates from doctor’s visits

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