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Food Poisoning

This Week In Review

This week our blog has focused on two major issues for consumers: ground beef contaminated with e-coli, and a Red Robin restaurant worker that has Hepatitis A. In an effort to present you with the most recent concerns, we wanted to recap those stories today.

Contaminated Ground Beef

Since we posted this article, the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service has expanded to 12 states that may have been selling the ground beef that is contaminated with e-coli. This also includes grocery and food stores, unlike the first notice which just mentioned restaurants. The USDA says that all of the meat is being thrown out, however any package that has the code EST.2574B should immediately discard of it. While there are several labels for the meat, it is packaged from Wolverine Packaging Plant.

Restaurant Worker with Hepatitis A

This story has made nationwide headlines over the last several days and there are a few facts that should be noted. While as many as 5000 people could have visited Red Robin restaurant between the dates of May 8-16, there are several reports out that state the worker could have been sick for as long as two months before it was made public. Springfield Greene County Health Department is issuing free immunization shots to approximately 4000 people who attended the restaurant during those days.

It is important to take precautions however, if you ate at the restaurant anytime during the last month or more. This article will gives the signs and symptoms of Hepatitis A, as well as when to see a doctor. The gestation period is roughly 14 days, and after that the vaccination will become ineffective.

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