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Auto Accidents

Ways to Reduce Your Risk of a Car Accident

Car Accident Prevention Tips

When behind the wheel, the last thing that’s probably on your mind is being involved in a car accident — especially if you consider yourself to be a good driver. Although you may be driving carefully, that may not necessarily mean you are driving defensively. Here are some driving tips to keep you and your passengers safer on the road.

How To Drive Defensively

Whether you just got your driver’s license or you have been driving for thirty-plus years, these defensive driving habits can significantly reduce your risk of being involved in a car accident.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Keeping your eyes on the road can help you detect a possible hazard in enough time to avoid it. When driving:

  • Be aware of other drivers and their behaviors that could cause a collision
  • Be mindful of the vehicle in front of you, behind you, and next to you in other lanes
  • Use your mirrors to check behind you for fast-approaching vehicles

Limit Distractions While Driving

It’s so easy to become distracted while driving. Besides eating your lunch on the road, or trying to stop your kids from arguing in the backseat, these other distractions while driving can be the cause of a devastating crash:

  • Texting or talking on the phone
  • Drinking beverages
  • Playing with the navigation system or radio
  • Grooming (i.e., putting on makeup, combing your hair)

If you need to complete any task that will take your eyes off the road while driving, it’s critical that you pull off to a safe place on the side of the road to avoid an accident.

Refrain From Tailgating

Did you know that it takes as long as a football field to come to a full stop when driving at 55 MPH? If you are tailgating (driving too closely behind the vehicle in front of you), you won’t have enough time to react should the car in front of you suddenly stop short.

Check Your Speed

We all know this rule of the road; however, many drivers disobey speed limits. According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) latest data, 9,378 people died in traffic accidents related to speeding in 2018. When on the road, obeying speed limits can save lives.

Injured in a Car Accident? We Can Help

Victims of a car crash can sustain life-altering injuries — and not knowing where to turn after enduring such a devastating event can make it that much more difficult.

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