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What is an Underride Truck Accident?

The Dangers of Big Rigs

Large trucks can pose several dangers on the road. Due to their large size and weight, smaller vehicles have less chance of coming out of a truck accident unscathed. Drivers and passengers in large trucking accidents often sustain catastrophic injuries. While there are many truck accidents, such as a jackknife accident or rollover accident, an underride accident is particularly dangerous. Here is why.

How Underride Accidents Happen

An underride accident occurs when a smaller vehicle rides under a large semi-truck tractor and gets crushed under either the side or back of the tractor-trailer. Eighteen-wheelers often have enough height for a smaller passenger vehicle to slip underneath. Some of the most common causes for an underride accident are:

  • Following behind a truck too closely or tailgating.
  • Driver’s failing to notice a tractor-trailer driving next to them due to poor visibility.
  • Passenger vehicles driving at excessive speeds.
  • Truck driver negligence, including making illegal turns, not stopping correctly, or running red lights.

How to Avoid an Underride Accident

Avoiding an underride accident means leaving enough distance between you and the truck in front of you. Leave at least the length of 2 passenger vehicles. It’s also critical to refrain from tailgating behind a large truck and speeding. Both tailgating and speeding leave a limited amount of time to stop — and if the truck stops short in front of you, you might not have enough time to maneuver out of the way to avoid a crash.

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A big rig’s intimidating size can cause extreme damage and injuries after being involved in a crash. Truck accident victims often face severe and life-altering consequences. When a catastrophic injury results, it could mean a long road to recovery, both physically and financially. However, you have the right to pursue compensation to alleviate the financial strains on you and your family.

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