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Semi-truck Accidents

Who is Responsible for a Truck Accident Caused By Brake Failure?

Understanding the Causes of Brake Failure in Trucks

There are many reasons why truck accidents happen. From driver error to bad road conditions, truck accidents occur on Missouri roads every day. However, one of the ways truck accidents can be prevented is by having all parts of a truck in working order — and most importantly, a truck’s brake system. Read on to learn more about the top causes of brake failures in trucks and who can be held responsible should brake failure be the cause of a crash.

What Causes Brake Failure in Trucks?

Since big rigs are massive in size, the brake system must be working to ensure road safety. Colliding with a semi-truck can pose serious injury risks to all involved, especially those riding in smaller vehicles. There are two main reasons why brake systems fail in trucks:

Defective Brakes and Brake Parts

Although brake manufacturers must adhere to rigorous safety regulations when assembling brake systems, some manufacturers may put their products on the market without ensuring all safety guidelines have been met. Whether the faulty brakes are due to poor design or improper assembly during the manufacturing process, a severe truck crash is almost always inevitable when brakes fail to do their job on the road.

Lack of or Poor Brake Maintenance

Trucking companies must keep up with proper brake maintenance for their fleet. Since truck brake systems are complex, they should be inspected and serviced regularly to ensure they are safe before a haul. The trucking industry is regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). They mandate that “all brakes with which the vehicle is equipped must be operable at all times.”

Who Can Be Held Liable?

After full investigations determine that a truck crash was caused by brake failure or defective brakes, the following entities can be held liable for damages:

  • The truck manufacturer.
  • The trucking company.
  • The shipping company.
  • The truck driver.
  • The truck maintenance company.

To further understand how each one plays a role in negligence depends on the particulars of your accident case. Your personal injury attorney will be able to determine which parties can be held responsible after examining all details of your claim.

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Truck accidents are notorious for being one of the most devastating accidents to be involved in. Not only can the injuries be grave, but the aftermath of a truck crash can leave victims to face not only a long recovery process but the burden of medical bills from treatments and therapies.

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