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Yard work can be exhausting and time consuming, which is why the modern world has brought us zero-turn radius (ZTR) lawn mowers to expedite at least part of the process. Unfortunately, many ZTR lawn mowers have proven to be defective: Countless consumers have reported incidents in which they have had unexpected, sudden and complete loss of control of steering and braking. This product defect, especially if it occurs while the operator is on a slope at the time, has led to many severe, even fatal, accidents.

At Strong-Garner-Bauer P.C., we are taking on the manufacturers of these defective ZTR lawn mowers; we will not allow them to continue to get away with knowingly putting you and your loved ones in harm’s way. Backed by more than 45 years of success in product liability law, we have a complete grasp on how to effectively pursue these cases throughout the nation. We are the leading personal injury practice in Southwest Missouri, and the only firm here that specializes in product liability cases. Since our firm was founded in 1976, we have developed an award-winning reputation. By way of example - in the last 10 years alone, we have brought over 150 cases to favorable resolution - each worth over $1 million. 

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We have over 45 years of experience and have obtained over $7 billion on behalf of our clients.

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Filing a Defective ZTR Lawn Mower Lawsuit

If you or a loved one has been injured due to a defective ZTR lawn mower that suddenly lost control, you may have the right to file a lawsuit against the brand responsible for pushing that mower to market without adequate safety features. In today’s society, manufacturers have a duty to consumers to ensure that their products are safe; when they violate this duty, product liability laws grant injured consumers the right to hold the manufacturers liable for damages.

Scag Tiger Cats are among the first ZTR lawn mowers to come under consumer scrutiny. 

Other companies and corporations behind defective ZTR lawn mowers include, but are not limited to:

Cub Cadet   Troy-Bilt
John Deere   Toro
Ariens   Husqvarna
Walker   Ferris
Bad Boy   Snapper
Craftsman   Kubota
Wright   Hustler
Gravely   Exmark

Do not be deterred if the brand that injured you is not on the above list. Investigation into defective ZTR lawn mowers is ongoing; this list is, therefore, not exhaustive. Consult a knowledgeable attorney regarding your case as soon as possible. But beware - once the statute of limitations on your case expires, you will not be able to seek compensation.

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At Strong-Garner-Bauer P.C., we are committed to fighting for the rights of consumers injured by defective products. If you or a loved one have been injured in a ZTR lawn mower sudden loss of control accident, our national trial lawyers will help you determine whether you have grounds for a lawsuit, as well as identify what damages you may be entitled to recover, such as pain and suffering, hospital bills, medical treatment, lost wages, etc.

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The Risks of Zero-Turn Radius Mowers

There is no question that many zero-turn mowers are dangerous. Still, it can be difficult from the consumer’s vantage point to know exactly why their ZTR went out of control suddenly and without warning. Here’s what you need to know - you do not have to know why it happened; you only need to know that it did happen. If your ZTR lawn mower had a sudden loss of control and caused you or a loved one serious injury, you should reach out to a qualified attorney today.

Our national ZTR team at Strong-Garner-Bauer P.C. will investigate the accident to identify the product defect(s) that may have contributed to your situation. These can include the following:

  • Running out of gas – as hard to believe as it might be – many ZTR mowers on the market today will suffer complete loss of control if you run out of gas on a slope. This is a dangerous, preventable, and needless defect that has caused countless injuries and deaths.
  • A broken or derailed drive belt. Unbeknownst to the operator – who only knows that they experienced a horrifying, sudden and complete loss of control – these incidents can also be the consequence of something as simple as a broken or derailed drive belt. What is so outrageous is that many ZTR mower manufacturers have known for years that operators can be injured or killed if the drive belt fails – and they have done nothing meaningful to correct this life-threatening hazard.
  • A broken idler spring can also cause sudden, unexpected, and total loss of control. And again, the industry has done nothing to create a feasible safety backup/feature to prevent these dangers.
  • Sometimes parts can be just slightly out of adjustment – and even that can be enough to cause total loss of control.
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