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    "Highly recommend to anyone"
    We highly recommend this firm to anyone. Our lawyers were Steve Garner and Nick Smart. They and their team took excellent care of us and kept us well informed of everything going on with our case. We felt they got to know us and our family and truly looked after our best interests. Our case was handled with true professionalism and integrity throughout. We still feel like we are a part of their family even over a year after our case was resolved. If you need an attorney, this is your team!
    - Phillip and Lisa McCroskey
    "I have and will highly recommend them to friends and family that need help."
    After the sudden death of my husband, several family friends felt I needed to ask questions about the healthcare he received and what really happened. I was given the number for the law firm, Strong Law. Prior to making that phone call I had not heard of the firm, but I can tell you that my families experience with these individuals was amazing. I was dealing with the loss of my husband, my children with the loss of their father, and so needed a firm we could depend on. They put an entire team on our case: 2 lawyers, a nurse paralegal, and a paralegal, plus all the support staff. Their work ethic was amazing, never leaving anything to question. Neil and his team were not only driven to get answers, but they were also very compassionate about what we were going through. They went above and beyond, every step of the process and kept us up to date throughout the case. Steve, Neil and their entire team wanted to really learn about my husband. I felt like before it was all over, they actually knew him and his character. They not only were driven to get answers, but in the meantime they learned and understood the man that they were fighting for. Strong Law truly cares about their clients, goes above and beyond to fight for your rights, and they made my family feel like a part of the Strong-Garner-Bauer family. I have and will highly recommend them to friends and family that need help. God Bless this team of selfless, devoted professionals, for restoring my families trust in people.
    - Joni Weatherly
    "These words are inadequate to express my appreciation for all the work you, Chandler, and your firm did to obtain a settlement"
    Dear Mr. Garner:
    A note and these words are inadequate to express my appreciation for all the work you, Chandler, and your firm did to obtain a settlement in my husband’s death. You restored my faith and respect for lawyers. You were always&
    - B.F.
    "Strong Law had our best interest in mind. I will forever be grateful to them."
    Strong Law had our best interest in mind. I will forever be grateful to them.
    - Shirley Harwood
    "This devastated family needed a Hero and we found several at Strong Law"
    Another call for a hero went out. But that call was answered. It was answered by Strong Law. They came fully armed, locked and loaded and ready for the fight. They went into the battle and came out victorious, with enough for John to live out his life with
    - Charles Stroup
    "God led us to this "Amazing Law Firm""
    From the first meeting to our last text: Steve, Neal and the entire staff we worked with treated us with the utmost respect and true compassion, for what my mother, siblings and I had and continue to go through because of my father's wrongful death. They definitely know the laws and what they are doing to help individuals and families that have been hurt by others errors. I fully recommend this law firm.
    - Marvene Mills
    "They'll Get the Job Done"
    I was kept informed of what was going on in my case, and always had my questions answered. The staff was courteous, and helpful. My attorneys, Nick and Steve, were STRONG advocates for my welfare, and worked hard to achieve the best outcome they could GARNER for me. They got things done, and I could BAUERly thank them enough for all their help.
    - Vincent Godlewski
    "From day one they have made us feel like part of their family."
    I would like to thank all the staff at Strong Law. From day one they have made us feel like part of their family. I am so glad we found this firm. They were always ready to answer any questions we had. They always kept us updated and kept in contact with us just made us fell so comfortable in our bad times and good times. Thank you guys for everything. I would highly recommend them.
    - Yvonne Burch
    "My family will forever be grateful for choosing Strong Law!"
    My family will forever be greatful for choosing Strong Law! Neil, Steve and their team were absolutely the best, and most caring group of people to work with.
    - LeaAnn Dunn
    "Helped us get settlements we never would have known to look for."
    Chandler Gregg has been a great help to our whole family. After a really bad wreck which injured 5 of us, he showed us compassion and helped get settlements we never would have known to look for. Thanks to him and his staff. I would rate him a 10. Thanks again Anna and Steve Smith.( Hicks Wreck 2015)
    - Anna Smith
    "Worked relentlessly to resolve my case"
    Nick and Steve worked relentlessly to resolve my case, and to achieve the most favorable outcome possible. They also kept me informed, and answer my questions along the way, which was appreciared.
    - Vincent
    "They Know How to Listen."
    Could not have asked for better representation. They are always willing to listen and to explain all of the options.They are sincere and actually fight for what is right. My children lost their father due to wrongful death, and while there is no way to bring him back, they did all they could to help. I can't say enough good about everyone from the Paralegals to the Attorney's. Sincerely grateful for they tried to do, and for what they did.
    - Monika Feeney
    "I would like to thank you for making it possible to continue my education at MSU."
    I would like to thank you for your kind donation to me through the Foundations Scholarship Fund at Missouri State University. Without selfless donations like yours, dreams would be harder to achieve for individuals like me. I am the daughter of loving parents who struggled their entire life to make sure my life was better than theirs. Neither of my parents made it past a high school education. My mother is one of the strongest women I know, making sure my sister and I were well taken care of throughout my father's seven-year battle with cancer. She laid the foundation to show me how to be a strong single mom after my father passed away. After starting school in June of 2013, my world turned upside down nearly over night leaving me with less that $50.00 to my name, no house, no vehicle, only a dream to chase. By riding a bike to class 12 miles every day, working two jobs, and saving like crazy, I was able to secure a 600 sq. ft., one-bedroom apartment. It was not much, but it was our home. From the hopes of making better life than living in extreme poverty, I worked hard to keep my grades high and graduated in May 2015 from Ozarks Technical Community College with a 3.3 GPA and enrolled at Missouri State University. I have continued to work hard at MSU to maintain a competitive GPA.
    Not only will the funds from your donation help with books and tuition, but they also make it possible for me to continue to dedicate volunteer hours to our beautiful community with Ozarks Food Harvest, The American Red Cross and the Victim's Center. I feel I can truly make a difference in our community through the unique life experiences, compassion and empathy paired with a bachelor degree in the field of psychology with an emphasis on cultural diversity. Ultimately I would like to attend graduate school, and explore options beyond to be able to positively influence other with my knowledge and ideas. Again I would like to thank you for making it possible to continue my education at MSU, and to help relieve some of the financial burden in obtaining my degree.
    "Best trial attorneys ever!"
    We were clients of this firm, with Steve Garner and Nick Smart as our attorneys. We would like to take this opportunity to tell you what a thoroughly outstanding job that they did for us in our case. These two individuals, as well as their entire team, were extremely professional in handling our case. We were very impressed with their teamwork. They believed in us from day one, even when the adjuster wrote and told us that they would never pay a dime. We were exceedingly satisfied with the outcome of our case. The kindness and compassion that we were shown by them and their team will never be forgotten! We would highly recommend this firm to anyone who needs a trial attorney.
    - Phillip and Lisa McCroskey
    "Thank you for being so AMAZING !"
    After my wife passed away in a automobile accident I was left raising 2 small children. My world was flipped upside down, but the compassion and diligence of this amazing firm helped us start our Journey to our " New Normal ". I will forever be grateful and these Attorneys will always have a spot in my heart ! Thank you for being so AMAZING !
    "Such Amazing, Caring and Friendly people at this company"
    Everyone at this firm is so Amazing! They all work together to be able to gather all information that they need for a case. They were given my case bout 3 weeks before trial date. Everyone worked Many Many hours to be sure they had all that was needed before trial. Each person we met was so positive, caring, friendly, and knowledgeable. You could tell each one was very passionate about what they do. Everyone put in Many hrs preparing me and all that testified for me so we would be ready for trial. Truly can not express in words what an Amazing experience it was for my husband and I to have this company represent us at trial!!! Will never be able to thank them all enough for the Amazing job they did for us. I know I keep saying the word Amazing but that is the best word that describes everyone there!!!! YES, they did win our case in court!!!!! Amazing Amazing Amazing!!!!!!
    - Sandra S
    "Thank you, once again, for your generous contribution to my college education."
    Thank you so much for providing me with the "Be Strong Endowed" Scholarship. I had a massive spinal cord stroke in 2012 that resulted in a spinal cord injury that left me with no movement from the voice box down. Despite my injury I am beginning my college experience with 33 college credit hours. I am also exceeding expectations in the medical community with my recovery. At Kickapoo high school, I was also part of six clubs, even having leadership roles in a couple of them. Although I have come very far since then, I have a long way to go. This scholarship is extremely accommodating to me because money is now one less thing that will weigh on me throughout my college experience. My goals with this scholarship are to use the money to pay for classes and/or books to help fulfill my requirements. My goals it to graduate with a double major in Fashion merchandising and Fashion Design/Product Development. I also want to continue learning to walk again and continue having a part time job. I have always been the type to reach for the stars with my goals. With your scholarship I have one less thing pulling my attention away from my aspirations. Thank you, once again, for your generous contribution to my college education.
    "Thank you again for all you and your team did in the name of justice."
    I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your work on the case regarding my grandmother Virginia Jenkins. It is with a grateful heart that I write you for accepting this case. Not only for accepting it, but seeing it through to justice being served and acceptance of responsibility by the facility for their negligent actions. All the efforts, attempting to positively impact the future care of others within this health care facility, have been worth the hours of diligent work to accomplish the task. My grandmother would be proud to know that her death was not in vain. Thank you again for all you and your team did in the name of justice.
    - Christine Waldrop
    "They went to bat for me and my family – and then some!"
    In July of 2011 I was in a horrific accident. There were 2 commercial vehicles involved – one was a tractor/trailer/semi. I was not at fault at all, It was pretty much my worst nightmare – driving home from work – minding my own business – and whack!!!!! I was almost killed. My life, and my family’s world was instantly turned upside down. Within a week, a family member recommended that we hire SGB, and we are so thankful that we did. They immediately put an entire team on my case. 2 attorneys, a nurse paralegal, a paralegal, investigators, experts, accident reconstructionists – plus all the support staff they have to help work on a case like mine. They kept in constant contact with us and advised my family how to handle so many issues, as they arose. I was in the hospital for 2 months and in rehab for literally years. There were so many bills. We got frequent updates on my case from SGB and whenever we called them to update them on my condition or to ask questions, they always knew what was going on with my case and someone on the team was always available. They are the true experts at what they do – and they do not advertise (because they are the best) – DO NOT hire a lawyer because you see them on T.V.!!!!! By SGB taking so much weight off our family, I was able to focus 100% on recovering the best I could from my injuries. One of the first things Steve and Neil told me from the start, was for me to focus on getting better, and they would take care of everything else on the legal end. And they did. I can’t thank them enough for all they did. Not just obtaining an outstanding conclusion to my case, but for the caring and kindness the entire team/firm showed me and my family, through-out the entire legal process. They went to bat for me and my family – and then some. Thank-you SGB.
    - Cindy Hess
    "God led us to the best!"
    Thank you. I feel God lead us to the best. I will always know where to start if I need an attorney again or if anyone ever asks about one. You and your office are awesome. Thank for all your time and the way you handled all of this.
    - Detective J.R. Kidney
    "Great efforts and warm caring hearts."
    I would like to give SGB a very hearty thank you for fighting through this journey with me and my family……Your entire team made it as easy as possible for me and my family, even when I am sure I seemed a little impossible. I have never worked with a more professional group……..thank you for your great efforts and warm caring hearts.
    - JJ Siebrasse Sr.
    "You have made my wife and I feel like family."
    Once again thank you for all you have done. You have made my wife and I feel like family. I don’t know of any other outfit or person we could say that about.
    - Bill & Robin
    "We are forever in your debt."
    We could never express the amount of gratitude we have for you and your firm and the impact you have had on our lives. I’m sure you get thank you notes all the time but we wanted to be sure you knew that we understand the sacrifice you made for us. Although there were definite obstacles and risks (that really affected you the most) you never gave anything but your best efforts, we recognize that and are grateful. We understand that we never reached the part of the trial that you worked so hard far, you are so appreciated. We are humbled by the sincerity and compassion you have to us and it will never forgotten. You’re a group of people that we are honored to have worked with and we hope you’ll allow us to call you friends. We know a settlement was let down of sorts, thank you for telling us it’s okay. We were told by many that we were lucky to have you, it wasn’t luck, it was a blessing. Definitely in our business life but more so in our personal lives. We knew nothing about the legal process nor the law and we still know very little, but we have learned a lot from you about dedication, loyalty, putting others first, persistence, patience and modesty. Again our deepest gratitude to your firm, you deserve every recognition and award and so much more. You will always have our loyalty, our hearts and our appreciation! We can’t thank you enough for taking a really bad time in our lives and transforming it into memories that are filled with laughter, team work, and the knowledge that you were always on our side, no matter what the outcome. As we discussed the settlement possibilities, you said not to worry about you, if it’s any consolation, know that we are forever in your debt.
    - Britt & Maribeth G
    "Utmost Respect"
    Neil Chanter and Staff treated me with the utmost respect, truly thinking of my well being and what I would need to live my life with the personal injuries I received in a head on collision with a semi-trailer truck. Their professional team work and forthright honesty helped me achieve the goal I had requested. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone and everyone, whatever the injury would be. They will answer your questions honestly and completely.
    - Brenda L.
    "Strong Law’s strength turned my life around!"
    From the initial consultation to the judgment, the team at Strong Law made me feel confident that my case was handled with my best interests in mind by exhibiting the highest degree of care, professionalism and expertise. When faced with my personal tragedy, Strong Law’s strength turned my life around.
    - Scot B., Former Springfield Police Officer
    "We are forever grateful."
    I was the victim of medical malpractice. A friend gave us the name of several attorneys including Steve Garner with Strong Law. After talking with a few and deciding to go with Mr. Garner, we were blessed beyond all our expectations. The entire staff was wonderful – professional, dedicated, hard-working, compassionate regarding our situation and there for us every time we had a question. After winning our case at trial, in a county known for difficulties in trying malpractice cases, we then had to fight to retain our verdict on appeal. Going all the way to the Missouri Supreme Court we ultimately won when our verdict was upheld. Mr. Garner and his team fought for us every step of the way (when many others would have quit, in our opinion). God bless each one of you for your tireless efforts on our behalf. We are forever grateful.
    - Pastor Roger H. and his wife, Carla H.
    "Professional, Caring, Ethical and Tough"
    SGB is a Law Firm that really cares about their clients. That is unusual in the legal profession. They will go to bat for your case and they win! They are not just your attorneys, paralegals and nurses because they become your friends as well. Everyone needs someone they can count on when an accident occurs. I would recommend them to anyone who needs help. SGB is the best of the best in legal representation. Professional, Caring, Ethical and Tough when it counts. They won my case and gave me my independence back.
    - Lisa S.
    "I could not be happier with the firm’s work!"
    After I was the victim of insurance bad faith and left personally exposed to a massive loss, the guys at SGB brought an insurance bad faith claim for me and made the insurance company step up to the plate – I could not be happier with the firm’s work, their professionalism and for the compassion they showed during the case. The result they ultimately obtained for me was excellent.
    - Angie E.
    "Strong Law Firm exceeded our expectations and truly changed our lives."
    Strong Law Firm exceeded our expectations and truly changed our lives. Their legal team was professional, knowledgeable and upheld high ethical standards. Strong Law Firm’s thorough pre-trial research brought medical facts to light that changed the outcome of the trial. Through their strict work ethic, expertise and excellent trial work, we won our trial in a very difficult venue. Steve Garner and Neil Chanter’s legal work was exceptional and beyond compare with the opposing attorneys.
    - Keith and Christina H.
    "Professional and Polite"
    I recently had the opportunity to serve on a jury for a case in which Mr. Steven Garner and Mr. Chandler Gregg represented a client. I was very impressed with the manner in which they presented themselves and their client. The case ran for a week, and they were as patient on day five as they were at the beginning. The material they offered to the jury was well researched and presented in a calm and confident manner. Their interaction with the client was calm and assuring. In several instances the defense attorneys actually asked to borrow documents for their own arguments; Mr. Garner and Mr. Chandler were professional and polite regarding those requests. Your client was consistently represented in a respectful manner throughout the length of the trial. It was a pleasure to see your company’s work ethic in action and I would highly recommend you to anyone who is in need of a personal injury attorney in the future. Thank you for your dedication to excellence.
    "We appreciate what your firm and especially you have done for me and my family."
    I just wanted to let you know again how much we appreciate what your firm and especially you have done for me and my family. Your preparation, professionalism, and ability to present your case contrasted very favorably to most of the lawyers I have observed. Without your help we would have been at the mercy of the insurance companies and would have had to settle on their terms. Best of luck in the future and I will definitely recommend your firm to anyone I know in need of legal representation.
    - James B. Workman
    "The best around!"
    My son was the victim of medical neglect and mis-diagnosis. This all occurred from age 1-4. During this time I knew the diagnosis I was given was wrong. I could not get anyone to listen to me. I spent many sleepless nights wondering about the future and what to do. I called Chandler Gregg at SGB & he helped me in a difficult time & helped get the justice we deserved. Chandler fought for my son and did not back down. Not only did Chandler go above and beyond but he did things he didn't have to. I felt like he had an ultimate care and concern for my son. Nick Smart also assisted in my sons case. He took the time out of his day to attend appointments with me. These guys are on top of things, there is no run around or having to communicate to a middle man. if you want justice or find yourself in a situation needing an attorney I highly recommend Strong Law. I am so glad I called. My sons future depended on it! Thank you for all you did and fighting for my family.
    - Erin Newberry
    "Best law firm around"
    A regular school day turned into a nightmare, when a semi crossed the median and hit my family head-on. Our daugher passed. Steve, Neil, Mindy and the team was there for us when we needed help. They always kept us informed of the cases progress and answered any questions we had. Such an awesome job by all!
    - Great teamwork, Great results
    "Pleasant reliable lawyer!"
    Jacob took excellent care of us. He always notified us of any pending issues, explained all angles and advised us well.
    - Minnie keenan
    "Thank you for your perseverance and kindness in honoring my father’s life and fighting to bringing his abuse to light"
    Thank you for your perseverance and kindness in honoring my father’s life and fighting to bringing his abuse to light
    - Harry A
    "They say if you want something done right the first time go to the best, and I did!"
    I am very pleased with the outcome of my case. I was in a car accident that caused me to have several injuries, along with two surgeries. Nick Smart was able to work with the insurance companies, and both companies paid full benefits. If I had a question, it was answered quickly. They did all the work getting medical bills and medical files. I didn't need to do anything, other than start the transition of healing. Thank you again for all your hard work.
    - Pamala Burgess
    "I will recommend this firm to friends and family that need help!"
    I would like to say thanks to Nick Smart at SGB. He handled a case for me, and I could not have been happier with the results. He is a gentleman and a professional that I highly recommend. Thank you, Nick.
    - Randal Ewing
    "Outstanding Firm!"
    Jeff Bauer, Amanda and legal team went above and beyond with my case! They never gave up on me at all cost. Thanks again y’all!
    - Jimmy Campbell
    "Great people! Outstanding firm!"
    Working with the entire staff at Strong Law was a great experience. Steve Garner, Nick Smart and Kevin Hulbert were diligent and conscientious while working to get the best result on our case. Based on our experience we would highly recommend Strong Law to anyone seeking legal representation.
    - RC
    "Attorneys with integrity"
    Thank you all of the hard work that you have done on the Bass Pro Class Action lawsuit. Very qualified attorneys who will represent you well.
    - Monte
    "I never imagined I would need a lawyer, but I feel very blessed that you were ours."
    I so appreciate the way you, Jacob and your staff made us so comfortable. Your genuine care for your clients is obvious and I admire all of you very much.
    - Amelia F.
    "They go above and beyond!!"
    I can't sing their praises well enough to do it justice
    - Cami R.
    "Awesome work and Great people!"
    Thank you all for my wonderful experience and communicating with me step by step of what was going on. I appreciate y’all and I would recommend you to anyone that needs help. I had a great experience.
    "Exceptional team!"
    Chandler and his team are AMAZING! I highly recommend this law firm to any one that needs legal services. They handled our case with courtesy and professionalism beyond all expectations. They are extremely knowledgeable and put our minds at ease during a difficult time. Thank you so much!
    - VK
    "God sent!!"
    Jacob Lewis helped us out soo much with an ongoing fight with a hospital bill that had been paid but hospital lawyers argued. Each time we reached out for help Jacob was there very helpful and now problem solved. Thank you So Much!