[Infographic] Pictures to Take After a Car Accident

Man taking a picture of a damaged car.

Getting the Proper Images for Your Car Crash Claim

After a car accident, you want to build as much evidence as possible to help you get through the claims-filing process successfully. Pictures can be very beneficial as long as you’re focused on the right factors following the crash. Here are some things you want to take a picture of.

Pictures to Take After a Car Accident

Pictures of the Scene of the Accident

This can show whether or not there are signs of speeding, or if road dangers existed (e.g. missing traffic signs or potholes)

Pictures of the Damage to All Vehicles Involved

Showing the location of the damage on all vehicles can help an accident reconstructionist understand more about how the accident occurred.

Pictures of the Visible Injuries Sustained

Your visible injuries are a clear sign that you sustained harm in the accident, and go to show one of the factors of proving liability.

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