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Tips for Driving in Inclement Weather

Safe driving is obviously important no matter what. In severe weather conditions, however, you have to exercise extra caution and safety measures to avoid a terrible accident. Driving practices that may seem safe on a good day can quickly become dangerous if there is heavy rain, a snow storm, or poor visibility. Here are some tips to keep you safe.

  • Slow down. This is often the best tip anyone can give because it can apply to nearly all hazardous weather conditions. A good rule of thumb is to decrease your speed by 10 mph, but if even that feels dangerous, lower your speed to a pace that feels safe.
  • Do not tailgate. Tailgating is against the law, so you should not be doing this under any condition, but you especially do not want to do this when road conditions are dicey. You may not have enough time to stop if the person ahead of you brakes, which could cause a severe accident.
  • Stay in control. Do you know what to do during an emergency? If the answer is no, you may want to practice responses to simulated emergency situations to reduce the emotional impact if one were to occur. This will increase your chance of reacting properly and avoid making a bad decision in a panic.
  • Respond properly to skids. If your front tires skid, smoothly ease up on the accelerator. This should increase the traction on your front tires. For rear tire skids, avoid using the brakes to help them regain traction.
  • Wiper blades. This is not a tip for when you are actually on the road, but rather a tip for preparing your vehicle for rainy or icy weather. If your wiper blades are too old, they may not do much good when you are trying to wipe rain or ice away from your windshield, which will decrease visibility. Replace wiper blades every 12 months or sooner if they are too worn out.
  • Tire tread. Another tip before you get on the road is to inspect your tire treads. Check your treads and tire pressure monthly. Tires that do not grip the road properly put you at high risk for hydroplaning.

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