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Samsung Working on “See-Through” Displays for Trucks

Samsung is a major manufacturer of some of today’s leading technologies, including giant-screen TV’s, cell phones, and full entertainment centers. One of the latest technologies that the company is working on is a wireless camera that takes real-time video of the road ahead and projects it onto the back of an eighteen-wheeler vehicle. This will allow for greater visibility for drivers stuck behind these large vehicles.

Details About Samsung Displays

The screens will display a view of the road in front of the truck, giving drivers behind a view of the oncoming traffic, as well as any potential road hazards or obstacles. This can be especially advantageous for certain maneuvers, such as passing trucks on a two-lane road where visibility is limited and accidents are much more likely to occur.

Here are some more details about these new displays:

  • A screen will be attached to the truck’s rear, displaying footage from a built-in wireless camera that is mounted to the truck’s front.
  • The camera will capture real-time video of the road, allowing drivers to see any obstacles or road hazards, including other vehicles and debris.
  • Trucks will be designed with safety as the number-one priority, paired with technological advancements that serve this purpose.

Ultimately, Samsung’s goal is to reduce the number of collisions between trucks and other motor vehicles. One of the largest reasons why truck accidents occur is due to driver error, such as sudden braking or swerving, dangerous maneuvers, or failure to check blind spots.

New Technology Aims to Reduce Accidents

While the displays are still in the design and development stages, some call into question whether or not the technology will be beneficial for drivers or not. Will these be a distraction or will they be an asset? Will drivers be more focused on the flashy technology, rather than improving road safety? These and many more questions will need to be addressed, and Samsung will likely need to conduct rigorous testing before the final product is ready to unveil. However, the notion of reducing the number of road accidents through technology is certainly a step in the right direction.

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