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Top Road Dangers in Work Zones

How to Get Through Road Work Areas Safely

Driving through a road construction zone can be a frustrating experience. Not only does it cause traffic jams, but it can also confuse drivers when there are blocked roads and detours. When driving through a work zone, the one thing to keep in mind is to practice driving behaviors that keep drivers, their passengers, and road construction workers safe. Here are some of the most common dangers and how to avoid them.

Detours and Road Closures

Detours and road closures can confuse drivers about where they should be going, distracting them from keeping their eyes on the road. Before heading out, plan ahead. Researching your route can help to pinpoint construction zones. You can use apps like Waze or do a search online for current road construction projects. Knowing where the construction zones are throughout your travels can help you avoid them, thus reducing your risk of being involved in a construction zone accident.

Traffic Cones

Those bright orange traffic cones are meant to keep vehicles out of work zone areas so workers can safely complete their job. While you may see a mile or two of cones without construction activity, stay out of them. They are blocked off for a reason, and traveling through them could cause a severe accident.

Construction Vehicles

Road work often involves various construction vehicles, from payloaders and pavers to dump trucks and excavators. Getting in the way of a construction vehicle can cause severe injuries. When directed to stop for a construction vehicle to pass, stay put until you get the signal to move forward. Patience in a road work zone can keep you and other motorists safe.

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