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[Infographic] The 4 Factors of Liability In Car Accidents

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How to Prove Liability in a Car Accident Claim

Four main factors are typically considered when proving a car accident case liability. When these four factors are present, it can help the plaintiff show that someone should be held fully accountable for the damages they suffered due to the injuries.

four factors of liability in a car accident infographic

The 4 factors of Liability in a Car Accident

Building a Strong Case for Compensation

Proving liability requires four factors to be present.

Duty of Care

It must be shown that the defendant owed the plaintiff a duty of care (this is assumed with owning a driver’s license).

Breach in the Duty of Care

Proving liability means showing that there was a breach in duty of care. This includes negligent actions (drunk or distracted driving)

The Breach Resulted in an Accident

It must be shown that the negligent action (breach of duty of care) was the direct cause of the accident that occurred.

The Accident Resulted in Injury

Insurance companies try to show injuries sustained are pre-existing. It’s the plaintiff’s duty to show the injury resulted from this accident.

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