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Uber Has Arrived! One More Way to Make Sure You Don’t Drive Home Impaired

Uber, the ride-sharing service, is now available in Springfield as of November 17, 2016, giving people one more option to choose instead of driving tired or otherwise impaired. Its arrival is certainly timely with the fast-approaching holiday season, a time of celebration and parties where alcoholic drinks are often served. Uber representatives gave potential drivers the run-through of what they should and should not do, including company policy, which forbids drivers from carrying weapons in their cars.

The Uber app only allows drivers to pick up passengers in places where local ordinances work with Uber. Branson is not within the service area. In regards to payment, money is exchanged on the Uber app, and the company takes 25% of their total earnings.

Uber charges what they refer to as a “safe ride fee”, which covers background checks and motor vehicle screenings to ensure riders that they are receiving a ride from someone who has been properly vetted. Additionally, Uber drivers and passengers are covered by a three-part insurance plan. Even with the safety precautions Uber takes, it is still a less costly alternative to using a taxi and just as convenient and fast. Many of its users believe that Uber’s vetting process also makes it a much safer option. It is certainly less costly than getting behind the wheel if you are not in any state to drive.

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