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Bike to Work Week May 12-16

Tomorrow is Bike to Work Day in the Ozarks, in collaboration with National Bike to Work Week. As cities are becoming more bicycle-friendly, it is no surprise that the number of people using this form of commuting has risen 47% in the last decade. Bike to Work week was established to educate the public on the various other forms of transportation besides their own personal vehicles. There are several options, such as walking, taking the bus, carpooling, or bicycling.

As this event has gained publicity, more people are taking part. Some businesses have even signed up for the challenge, encouraging their employees to choose at least one day out of the week to participate.

While this is a good alternative to driving your car, it is important to remember to be safe as well. If you are driving in a high traffic or populated area, you should consider wearing a helmet, regardless of your cities helmet laws. Also make sure to be aware of your location when biking on the streets with other motorists.

Each state also has specific laws in regards to cyclists on the roads. For a comprehensive list of laws by state, click here.

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