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Swimming Safety Tips [INFOGRAPHIC]

Swiming Safety Tips

Whether you like to go for a swim in the pool or at the lake, swimming is always a fun way for the whole family to spend the day. However, during the summer season, swimming accidents are unfortunately not an uncommon occurrence, and drowning could be the result. Before you head out for a swim, this infographic demonstrates safety rules to follow.

Take Swimming Lessons

Not only can swimming lessons teach someone how to swim, but it can also help to improve swimming skills.

Install Pool Fencing

Having a fence around your pool can prevent a child from accessing the area without supervision. In fact, having a fence around your pool is required in the City of Springfield.

Always Use The Buddy System

Never swim alone. Should an accident occur, having someone nearby can help you get to safety.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Swimming while impaired by alcohol can increase your risk of a swimming accident. Stay alert and leave alcohol to the wayside.

Keep Safety Equipment Handy

A throwable life preserver, first aid kit, life jackets, and other safety equipment should be easily accessible in case of an emergency.

Learn Your Rights After a Swimming Accident

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