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Common Signs that Your Insurance Company is Acting in Bad Faith

As many people are acutely aware, it is no secret that insurance companies are not in business to pay policyholders. There are a number of ways that insurance companies attempt to diminish claims in an effort to save themselves money. If they are delaying your claim for as long as possible or not committing to a decision about a payout, their plan may be to come to you with a low-ball offer in hopes that you will be too desperate or intimidated to refuse. That is why it is extremely important to consult with an insurance bad faith attorney before accepting an offer from an insurance company to ensure that the amount you are being offered is both adequate and fair.

Be aware of these five signs that an insurance company is attempting to get out of paying you due compensation:

  • A settlement offer is made too quickly. Be suspicious of any offer made immediately or shortly after an accident. The insurance company may be hoping that you will accept the offer without considering the cost of any future expenses, which these offers typically will not be enough to cover.
  • Unexpectedly changing the terms of your policy. Refer to documentation on your policy if you suspect that the insurance company is misrepresenting your policy or has changed the terms without notifying you.
  • Failing to justify a reduced claim value. If the insurance company cannot explain why they are offering you a low settlement, this is a sign that they are hoping you will just accept a lesser amount than you are entitled to.
  • The company is putting pressure on you. Insurance companies often use intimidation tactics to get you to settle quickly. Seek the assistance of an attorney at Strong Law, P.C. if you feel you are being harassed or pressured to accept a settlement.
  • Failing to acknowledge evidence of damages. If the insurance company is reluctant to acknowledge evidence you have presented them detailing the expenses you have incurred after an accident, they are likely trying to reduce the value of the claim.

You should not have to settle for less than you deserve. If you suspect that your insurance company is acting in bad faith, do not delay in consulting with the Springfield insurance bad faith lawyers at Strong Law, P.C. We are available to discuss whether you have a case and how we can assist you during a free consultation.

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