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Our Experience: Giving You an Edge In Court

When it comes to representing individuals injured as a result of negligence, there is something about having plenty of experience that helps the victims have a strong peace of mind. Experience is a big benefit to individuals and their cases because it means a lawyer understands how situations are handled.

While no two cases are alike and results are never guaranteed, experience affords knowledge that may not be available to someone who is just starting out. How does experience help an injury victim? Why is it such a benefit? Here are a few things you should know.

The Ability to Identify Holes In the Defense

There are so many situations and ways in which the defendant will attempt to limit their own liability or put the blame back on you. With an experienced lawyer, you’ll have someone who can pick apart their argument, using solid evidence to help position your case in a favorable manner.

Help You Make the Right Decisions

During the process, you may be offered a settlement by the insurance company with the hopes that you’ll accept the lower amount and stay away from a trial. There are times that this may be the right choice for you to consider, especially if the settlement offer is adequate and fair.

However, there are far more times when the insurance company offers an unfair settlement which can be much lower than needed to fully recover. In these cases, an experienced attorney can guide you on whether or not to accept a settlement, or encourage you to seek a trial because you may have a good chance at recovering maximum compensation.

Knowledge of Various Case Types

Having previously handled a wide range of case types gives lawyers a full understanding of how they are handled, what deadlines must be met, and more. It helps understand limitations regarding damages and gives the victim peace of mind.

At Strong Law, P.C., our Springfield personal injury attorneys have extensive experience representing the rights of injury victims. Our firm has been helping people for over 45 years and we have built a reputation on our success.

If you’ve been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, we offer free consultations so you can better understand your rights and legal options.

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