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Continental Recalls 3,800 Tires in the United States

Continental announced a recall of roughly 3,800 tires in the United States this week. According to news sources, the affected product was Continental ContiProContact P205/65 R15 95T XL.

News sources have not reported any known accidents linked to the recall, but Continental announced the recalled tires are at risk of tread separation.

The tires included in the recall were made in February 2015 and only sold as replacements.

Continental, part of the Hanover-based company Continental AG, is currently dealing with distributors to determine who purchased the faulty tires and prevent potential accidents or injuries. The manufacturer should notify consumers who

Tread Separation Accidents

Safe tires must have a strong bond between the tread and body of the tire. Tread separation occurs when the tire treads detach from the body – also called the casing – of the tire. This is more than a nescience; it can lead to serious accidents and injuries.

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