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Auto Accidents

The Importance of Regularly Maintaining Your Vehicle

Regular vehicle maintenance is much more than just a way to protect one of your biggest investments – it’s also an essential way to reduce your risk of getting into a car accident. Poor maintenance causes countless accidents every year due to everything from blowouts of old tires to failures of worn brakes. Not only is this extremely dangerous for you, the driver, but ignoring regular maintenance of your vehicle is also dangerous to the people around you. If a system or component failure in your vehicle results in a car accident that injures or kills someone else, you can be held liable and be responsible for compensating the injured party or their family.

Protect yourself and others by ensuring that you check the following on a regular basis:

  • Windshield wipers & wiper fluid
  • Brake pads
  • Headlights & taillights
  • Oil and other fluids
  • Tires

Negligent Maintenance & Repairs

Sometimes, a poorly maintained vehicle is not the fault of the vehicle owner, but the fault of a mechanic or service technician who performed work in an improper manner. Driving around in a vehicle that has been shoddily maintained can be just as dangerous as one that hasn’t received any maintenance at all. Make sure to research your maintenance facility before you take your vehicle in for service to ensure that the work is done by a qualified individual.

Vehicle Recalls: Get Your Car Fixed As Soon As Possible!

Ignoring a vehicle recall is never a good idea. If you have received notice that your call has been recalled over a potentially dangerous defect, it is critical that you contact your dealership and schedule a time to get the problem fixed as soon as possible. If you don’t, and you are found to have knowingly failed to remedy the problem, you may be held liable if someone gets hurt in an accident.

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