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Industrial Jobs Where There’s a Risk of Brain Injuries

We’ve discussed some of the various situations in which brain injuries can occur, however, there are many more occasions in which these catastrophic injuries can happen. One way that most people don’t think of is the injury occurring while they are at work.

Unfortunately, there are many occupations—especially in the industrial world—where traumatic brain injuries are more common than others. Understanding which occupations this type of injury can occur is important in order to protect yourself.

Dangerous Jobs and Why Safety Is Necessary

Some jobs are all about safety, while others may put employees directly in harm’s way. Whether or not this is intentional doesn’t matter. People sustain serious brain injuries and it’s often caused by the lack of safety protocols—or in other words, negligence. Here are the jobs where these injuries are common:

  • Construction jobs: Brain injuries are very common in the construction world because of the many risks presented on job sites. This may be caused by falls from heights, falling objects, or even machinery that is not working correctly. Sometimes, it could be lack of safety or even a negligent co-worker who causes the injury.
  • Manufacturing workers: Individuals in large warehouses where products are manufactured often can be at risk when machinery is defective or in situations when there is a potential for dangers to call a slip and fall.
  • Plant workers: Industrial plants are supposed to be monitored carefully to ensure there is safety involved. However, when something goes wrong, explosions and other issues can cause serious traumatic brain injuries.

These are some of the most serious types of injuries that can occur and understanding how a person is often put at risk is important. This allows you to keep yourself safe even when a situation is considered dangerous, as is the case in many occupations.

Our Springfield brain injury attorneys at Strong Law, P.C. understand the seriousness of these injuries and what it means for an injured party to move forward. Knowing how to protect yourself and your rights is extremely important.

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