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Brain Injuries

The Underlying Harm: How Trauma Impacts the Brain

Your brain is extremely important. When it experiences any kind of damage, it can be considered traumatic. Many individuals hear about brain injuries, but they are not always sure what this means for those who have been affected.

Unfortunately, negligence is a common factors in causing traumatic brain injuries and it often leaves individuals with a number of questions, as well as serious disabilities. Here are some of the ways trauma can impact the brain and the underlying harm that may be experienced.

The Physical Damage to the Brain

Depending on the type of the traumatic brain injury, the brain can be seriously harmed through either penetrating injuries or non-penetrating injuries. Penetrating injuries can bypass the skull and reach the brain itself, often resulting in brain bleeds, loss of brain cells, and more.

In other situations where there is a non-penetrating injury such as a concussion or contusion. This can still cause significant damage, but it’s often the jolt that results in bruising on the brain tissues. Overall, these are lighter in terms of severity and may result in issues lasting a few weeks or a few months.

The Emotional Damage to the Brain

While there are plenty of issues involving loss of motor function or cognitive abilities, there are far too many issues involving the emotional trauma associated with these injuries. While many can move forward from the injury without much emotional damage, others are not so lucky.

Individuals may suffer from trauma after a serious accident, often reliving the moment they were hurt and feeling anxiety and stress any time a trigger occurs. This can be a long-term problem often only treated with therapy.

Our team at Strong Law, P.C. understands that any kind of brain injury can be daunting. You may experience plenty of hardships and when your harm is caused by someone else’s negligence, they should be held accountable for the damages they cause.

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