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Semi-truck Accidents

Most Common Truck System Failures Related to Crashes

Mechanical Errors Leading to Truck Accidents

Truck accidents happen due to many different reasons. From distracted driving and driving while intoxicated to speeding and mechanical errors, truck crashes are one of the most devastating of all.

Small passenger vehicles are no match for big rigs. According to the latest data records by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2019, 5,005 people were killed in crashes involving large trucks. Read on to learn more about truck system failures and their impact on road safety.

Brake System Failures Are Leading Associated Risk Factors

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) published a Large Truck Crash Causation Study in 2007. The study examined the key reasons for severe crashes involving large trucks with a gross weight of over 10,000 pounds. A sample of 120,000 large trucks that crashed between April 2001 and April 2003 resulting in a fatality or injury were examined. Each truck accident was coded with the following three key variables:

  • Critical event – The vehicle that took action, making the crash inevitable.
  • Critical reason – The immediate reason for the critical event. For example, brake failure led to the event.
  • Associated factors – the person, vehicle, or environmental conditions present at the time of the crash.

The study showed that brake failure was the top associated factor for large trucks and their drivers. Trucks with brake problems were 170% more likely to be coded with a critical reason for a truck crash than those not coded with brake problems as an associated factor. Out of 41,000 trucks assigned with brake problems as an associated factor, the relative risk of a crash is 2.7%.

Why Truck System Failures Happen

Truck system failures can occur through the following:

  • Lack of maintenance – trucking companies are responsible for keeping up with their fleet’s maintenance, and when they fail to do so, a severe crash can occur.
  • Manufacturer defects – a design flaw or malfunctioning part of a truck can cause a devastating accident.

Learn Your Rights After a Truck Accident

From defective parts and lack of maintenance to driver errors, there are many reasons why truck accidents occur. The large size and weight make a smaller vehicle no match when it comes to a crash — and victims can face a long and complicated road to recovery.

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