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Semi-truck Accidents

What Does it Mean When a Truck is “Bobtailing?”

What is a “Bobtail” Truck?

Simply put, a bobtail truck is a semi-truck without an attached trailer. While you’ve probably seen trucks like this on the road on many occasions, there are some safety concerns that you should be aware of. Read on to learn why “bobtailing” can pose road dangers.

The Dangers of Bobtailing

While it’s legal for trucks to “bobtail,” it comes with some risks. You would think it would be logical that a truck without a trailer would be easier to control since there’s less bulk and weight. However, bobtail trucks are harder to drive and stop due to less traction on the rear wheels. A semi truck’s brake system is designed to work best with full cargo.

How to Avoid a Bobtail Accident

Truck drivers — especially those who are more experienced — should know how to handle a bobtail truck. A severe crash can be avoided when driving cautiously in inclement weather and applying the proper pressure on the brakes when driving on slippery roads. When bobtailing, drivers should reduce their speed and leave a greater distance between them and other vehicles sharing the road. If you are driving near a bobtail truck, keep aware of your surroundings and don’t drive too close within its proximity.

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