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Staying Safe in Rainy Conditions

A driver from Seymour, MO was killed in an automobile accident that happened on Tuesday afternoon.  Police say his car hydroplaned and he was thrown from the vehicle.

A 2012 report from the Missouri Highway Patrol shows that 10,011 people died from vehicle accidents that occurred while it was raining and a total of 24,430 deaths were reported in wet conditions.  With the rainy season upon us, it is important to remember a few rules for how to drive safely in the rain:

1.  Turn on your headlights – Even in light rain, visibility can be reduced making it difficult to see other vehicles or for them to see you.  As a general rule, if you must use you windshield wipers, turn on you headlights.

2.  Make sure windshield wipers are working properly – Replace any that leave a streak or don’t clear the window in a single swipe.  If the wipers aren’t doing their job, it will make if difficult to see.

3.  Slow down and leave plenty of room – Stop time can be more difficult in wet conditions.  Leave enough room between you and other vehicles that you can adequately stop without slamming on your brakes.  To reduce the risk of hydroplaning, drivers should avoid slamming on the brakes or turning sharply.  In the case of hydroplaning, let off the gas and steer straight until it is corrected.

The most important thing is to be aware of your surroundings and stay focused while you are driving.  For more tips on driving in wet conditions, visit the site below:

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