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The Dangers of Bridge Strikes

Bridge Strike Road Hazards

A bridge or tunnel strike happens when a motor vehicle is taller than the clearance underneath the structure, and typically happens with large trucks and buses. Bridge strikes are recognized by The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) as a serious road safety concern. Not only do bridge strikes cause costly damage to infrastructure and inconvenient traffic jams, but it can also be a deadly hazard to motorists in their path of travel.

Read on to learn why the FMCSA is so concerned about bridge strikes and the impact on road safety.

Can a Bridge Strike Be Avoided?

Yes, bridge strikes are avoidable. Trucking companies who alert their drivers of possible bridge strikes and other route restrictions along their travel path can help truckers circumvent their travel route and avoid a bridge strike. Paying attention to road signs and equipping trucks and buses with navigation systems strictly intended for large truck use can also play a role in averting a bridge strike.

How Common are Bridge Strikes?

The FMCSA does not have specific crash statistics related to bridge strikes. However, they caution trucking and bus companies to refrain from using navigation systems intended for passenger car drivers and invest in navigation systems specifically designed for the truck and bus industry.

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