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The Emotional Impact of Scars

Coping With Physical Scars

Whether from falling off your bike as a kid or an old high school sports injury, probably every one of us has a scar or two. However, when a severe accident causes a catastrophic injury that results in severe and abnormal scarring, it can pose many psychological problems for a victim. Learn how someone living with severe scarring is at risk of developing mental health issues and how they can cope.

How Scars Have an Emotional Effect on Victims

When you look at your scars, they serve as a reminder of how they happened. After a traumatic accident that has caused severe scarring and disfigurement, the victim is constantly reminded of the event and can experience the following emotional consequences:

  • Poor self-esteem (lack of confidence, feeling inadequate)
  • Depression (feelings of sadness, hopelessness)
  • Anxiety (constant worrying, difficulty concentrating)
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (having flashbacks of the incident, nightmares)
  • Social difficulties (socially withdrawn, avoiding social situations)

Experiencing any of the above emotional problems can lead to a diminished quality of life.

How to Cope with Severe Scars

Scars can significantly change the way a person looks and cause body image issues. Learning to cope with these changes can be extremely difficult for victims. Getting support is key to emotional and psychological healing. Going to therapy and being involved in support groups can help to improve the emotional effects and help someone move forward with their life.

Getting Help After a Catastrophic Injury Strong Law, P.C. Can Help

Sustaining a catastrophic injury such as a burn or damage to the face that can cause severe scarring can be difficult to deal with. Scars are constant physical reminders of the event that caused them, which is emotionally taxing.

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