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The Link Between Long Downhill Grades and Truck Brake Failure

Trucks operate a bit differently in comparison to cars. To start, a truck is a lot larger than a car, so they have different blind spots and means of turning. Another thing that works differently on a truck is the brakes. While most cars can go down a large hill and brake simply, a truck cannot. This blog will discuss why long downhill grades cause truck brake failure, including what a person should do in the case they get into an accident with a truck.

Brake Failure

According to an interview done by Transportation Topics News, Greg Brown, the CEO of BR Williams in Oxford, AL, discussed that it could take at least two ways for air brakes on trucks to fail:

  • If a truck driver keeps their brakes pushed for an extended period, the brakes can get too hot, fail, and then catch on fire. This is mostly seen in new, inexperienced truck drivers.
  • Another way a truck’s brakes can fail is if the air brake goes out. This brake supplies compressed air, and without it, the brakes are automatically applied, which can lock them up.

According to Alabama’s commercial driver’s manual, it is written that brakes create heat but can fail if they are relied on too much. The manual recommends that drivers switch their trucks into low gear and use brakes in small increments of about 3 seconds before releasing. If a trucker fails properly use their brakes, it could cause an accident resulting in severe injuries or even death. It’s essential for truck drivers to not act negligently when it comes to riding downhill.

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