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The Surprising Danger of Loose Items in Your Car

Did you know that loose objects in your car could be extremely dangerous? Not only can they increase the chances of a car accident occurring if they become lodged beneath the pedals, but they can also cause serious injury if they strike a driver during a collision.

It has been reported that unrestrained items in vehicles cause over 13,000 injuries annually. Some items were large, such as luggage containers, while others were smaller, like purses or soda cans. In several crash tests, research proved that these items were extremely hazardous in the course of a car crash.

In one report, a medium-sized cooler located in the rear storage area of the vehicle flew forward and crushed the rear passenger. The continuous motion caused by the impact caused the ice-chest to continue its forward motion, hitting the driver and causing severe injury. Additionally, a much smaller item, a suitcase, severed the arm of a passenger during the accident.

To prevent potential harm caused by loose objects in the car, consider the following advice:

  • Check that there are no items on your dash before operating your vehicle
  • Ensure that all containers, such as water bottles, fit in designated cup holders properly
  • Ensure floor mats are in the correct positions and are not bunched under gas and brake pedals
  • If you are carrying luggage, secure all items with straps
  • If carrying pets, place them securely in a kennel when traveling

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