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Tom Strong Receives 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award

In 1976, Attorney Thomas “Tom” Strong founded Strong Law, P.C. on the principle that it should be simple and affordable for people to get reliable legal counsel and representation. Ever since then, the firm has continually grown, and his reputation has increased along with it. In recognition of all that he has done for not just the firm but also communities across Missouri, our entire legal team is excited to announce that Attorney Strong recently received the 2022 Missouri State University (MSU) Alumni Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award!

Tom attended Southwest Missouri State University to earn his B.S. in 1952. He quickly finished his J.D. at the University of Missouri Columbia School of Law in 1955. He has done so much throughout his career to make his university proud, which shows clearly in his recent selection as the 2022 lifetime achievement award recipient.

During the award ceremony, Tom took the podium to address the guests who were there to celebrate and congratulate him. Before speaking, there was a brief video that showed important turning points in his life and career. Always known for brightening a room, he began his speech by joking about his age, noting that the video, “[…] Reminds me that I once was young. I once had hair!”

He went on to thank Missouri State University for giving him the tools he needed to forge an amazing, rewarding career that also helped the people around him. He noted that the “greatest gift of all” is his education and that he is now “more indebted to [the university] than ever” after receiving the lifetime achievement award.

Please join us in again congratulating Attorney Tom Strong for receiving the 2022 Missouri State University (MSU) Alumni Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award, a distinction that is incredibly rare among the university’s alumni. Thank you, Tom! Without you and your continual efforts to help people through difficult times, the firm of Strong Law, P.C. simply would not be the same Missouri favorite that it is today.

To learn more about the lifetime achievement award given to Attorney Strong, please feel free to watch the provided videos below. One video shows the introduction video about Tom’s life and times, and the other video shows his speech. You can learn more about the Missouri State University Alumni Association by clicking here. If you need the help of our trial attorneys for a case, you can dial (417) 887-4300 or use an online contact form.

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