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What Am I Obligated to Give the Defendant’s Insurance Company?

In the days, weeks, and months following a car accident, the insurance companies and legal teams involved are doing their due diligence to determine the exact cause of the accident and liability. During this time, they’re often trying to find different pieces of evidence.

When you are the plaintiff in the car accident claim, the defendant’s insurance company may try to request specific things from you. It’s imperative for you to understand what you’re obligated to give and things you don’t have to do on your own so you can better know what to expect.

What Needs to Be Provided During Discovery?

During the discovery phase of the car accident lawsuit, the legal representation of both parties meet to exchange the important pieces of evidence in the case. This can include photos, medical records, accident records, witness testimonies, and more.

While you need to provide the pieces of evidence you have during this phase, the other party also has to share what they have. This can help your legal counsel better prepare a case strategy based on the facts of the case.

Do You Need to Provide a Recorded Statement During the Claims-Filing Process?

Even before the lawsuit portion begins, the insurance company may reach out to you in an attempt to get a recorded statement regarding the accident. Because of the rights you have, you can have a lawyer with you to help you speak with the insurance company.

The insurance company is trying to get you to say something that they can use to limit the liability they must accept. This is one of the tactics they use to pay out as little as possible to plaintiffs, so have a lawyer speak with the insurance company on your behalf.

While you may think that the insurance company is there to help you, they are primarily focused on their own profit and doing whatever they can to pay you a smaller settlement offer.

Our Springfield car accident lawyers at Strong Law, work with clients to help them fully understand their rights moving forward. We aim to safeguard your rights when the insurance company tries to take advantage of a vulnerable situation.

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