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What is a Truck’s “No Zone?”

Trucks can be scary for the average driver, but do you know what’s even scarier? Being in a truck’s “no zone.” You may be wondering what a no zone is, and we have the answer for you here: “No zones are considered the blind spots of big rigs. Because of their size, trucks tend to have multiple blinds spots in comparison to the average car. We recommend avoiding the following areas to reduce your risk of getting into an accident:

Side No-Zones

Similar to any average motorvehicle, truck drivers have blind spots on both sides of their tractor. Unlike cars, these blind spots angle out from the truck. If you end up driving next to a truck, try to stay visible within their side-view mirrors.

Rear No-Zones

Because truck drivers do not have rear-view mirrors, they tend to rely directly on their side-view mirrors. You should at least give a truck 200-feet from the back of the trailer, as driving in this spot can also pose a risk to yourself as a car driver. If you’re unsure what 200-feet looks like, a great rule of thumb to remember is to keep the truck’s side-view mirrors in view. Most trucks have signs on their vehicle stating to stay within a certain distance—we really recommend you follow their suggestions.

Front No-Zones

Trucks take a lot longer to brake in comparison to cars, so cutting a truck off is a huge no-no. If you plan to switch lanes in front of a truck, make sure they at least have 20-feet in front of them to brake adequately. The further away, the better.

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